live music

every friday and saturday

5th: The Zufflers
6th: DJ Ollie J
12th: The Whiskey Chasers
13th: DJ El Vishio
19th: Southern Frontier
20th: DJ Medley
26th: Jaccuzi Soup
27th: DJ Medley


3rd: Three Pints Please
4th: DJ Medley
5th: DJ Ollie J (bank holiday)
10th: The Fentones
11th: DJ El Vishio
17th: Undercover
18th: DJ Medley
24th: The Whiskey Chasers
25th: DJ Medley
26th: DJ El Vishio (bank holiday)
31st: Three Pints Please


1st: DJ Ollie J
7th: The Zufflers
8th: DJ El Vishio
14th: The HooHaaas
15th: DJ Medley
21st: Rockska
22nd: DJ Medley
28th: Zone Eleven
29th: DJ Medley
5th: Indie Box
6th: DJ Ollie J
12th: Bone
13th: DJ Medley
19th: Jacuzzi Soup
20th: DJ El Vishio
26th: Zone Eleven
27th: DJ Medley
2nd: Jacuzzi Soup
3rd: DJ El Vishio
9th: Area 51
10th: DJ Medley
16th: Bone
17th: DJ Medley
23rd: Fufu Sailors
24th: DJ Medley
25th: DJ El Vishio
30th: Zone Eleven
31st: DJ Ollie J


6th: Area 51
7th: DJ Medley
13th: Rockska
14th: DJ Medley
20th: Undercover
21st: DJ Medley
27th: The Whiskey Chasers
28th: DJ El Vishio

Over the past 4 years or so the Queen of Bradgate has become renowned for it’s live music weekends.

Every Friday evening and most bank holidays Sundays we host a live band; usually a covers band playing all of your favourite tracks from The Jam to the Killers and everything in between.

Because we have such a large ground floor space you have the option of being near to the band, perhaps for a dance, or being seated further away at your own table for the evening.

To compliment our live music Fridays, we host a live DJ set every Saturday from one of our 4 resident DJs. Our DJs are carefully selected to play music that appeals to our target market, you certainly won’t feel as though you’ve walked into a teenagers’ disco.

So if you want a lively weekend night out, with some of the best free-entry entertainment in Leicester then the Queen of Brdagate is the place for you.

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