In early 2014 the Queen of Bradgate was a boarded up, unloved, former pub situ

ated in a great location. Now it is a thriving bar that is at the forefront of Leicester’s craft beer movement, with a superb gastro pub style food offering, a vast range of cocktails, real ales, live music every weekend and 3 bars spread over 2 floors. From the very traditional looking outside, the only clue to what lies within are the craft beer, Brooklyn and Duel, neon signs above the front doors. As you enter you find a traditional looking pub with a twist. We have a dedicated Gin bar to the left, a full-on cask ale and craft beer bar dominating the main room and a secret upstairs bar specialising in Rum. 

Our dining space is slightly elevated to the rear, giving diners a degree of separation from the drinkers whilst still sharing the buzzy atmosphere that makes pub dining, in so many ways, the best type of dining. Newly expanded, 'Upstairs', is the funky younger sister to downstairs’ understated elegance. You are met with a copper bar, red velvet booth seating, bare brick walls, blue and gold velvet drapes, a large dance floor, a private lounge area and, low and behold, 3 full size ping pong tables. It is a great space for live music, ping pong, private parties and cocktail masterclasses.

So, whatever it is you are looking for from a pub, as long as you have out grown the urge to drink 8 pints of cheap, tasteless, low strength lager on a night out, then there is a very good chance that the Queen of Bradgate will appeal to you.

We certainly hope so.